Electrical/Electronics Polyester Film Applications

QuestarTM polyester film provides electrical applications with excellent dielectric strength, good handling and UL recognition in all gauges.

Type Gauge(s) Applications Properties/Benefits
DE Series
EE Series
48-1400 Electrical insulation in slot liners and wedges and phase insulation for hermetic motors/compressor sealed units, fractional horse power motors and industrial laminations Excellent dielectric strength, thermal stability and cut-through resistance. Low shrinkage. Good moisture resistance and product uniformity. Used in insulation systems that have been given Class B rating by UL®. Delamination resistant. Extremely stiff, mechanically strong.
CE Series 48-500 Core wrap and insulation for telecommunications and power transmission wire and cable. Tough and durable. Good dielectrics and handling for core wrap.
AE Series
BE Series
300-1000 Membrane touch switches and spacers Clear, film surface treated on both sides to provide superior slip and ahndling qualities. Tough, stable and resistant to chemicals for long service life
CE Series 48-1400 Electrical insulation, transformers, laminates, bus bars punched components Chemical inertness, high temperature durability, good dielectrics and handling characteristics for coating, die cutting, embossing and laminating operations. Serves as a barrier for membrane touch switches and flexible circuits.
CE Series 14-92 Electrical Insulation Tensilized, excellent moisture chemical resistance.

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