Industrial Specialty Applications of Polyester Film

General purpose polyester film applications with variable haze and plain surface characteristics available in thin as well as thick gauges.

CI Series
EI Series
48-1400 Labels (plain, metalized) office supplies, (book jackets, tape, carbon ribbons), apparel stays, drumheads, control tapes, duct liners, protective coverings, laminates, roll leaf Tough, general-purpose film. Balanced tensile properties, excellent moisture and chemical resistance. Easy to handle and adhere to. Hazy and white.
AI Series 92-1000 Solar reflectors, labels, office supplies, decorative laminations, graphic arts Clear, brilliant film surface treated on one both sides for superior slip and handling qualities. Tough and stable for long service life.
BI Series 48-200 Solar film and other critical metalizing, laminating and other coating applications Very low haze; high clarity. Excellent winding and handling properties.
AI Series 142-500 Labels, print-on and a variety of industrial applications where adhesion for solvent-and water-based coatings is required Crystal clear, superior optical quality. High clarity and gloss. Pretreated on one or both sides for enhanced adhesion.
CI Series 20-92 Tape substrates, book jackets, release sheets, office supplies, carbon ribbons, microfilm jackets, photoresists, roll leaf Slightly hazy film with a tailored surface to meet a variety of industrial end uses. Thermal stability and outstanding tensile properties, even in ultra thin gauges.
HI Series 48-500 Labels, office supplies, roll leaf graphic arts, screenprinting Tough, matte specialty film that is semi-transparent to translucent. Special filters provide roughness and low gloss, for strong tensile properties and excellent resistance to moisture.

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